Case Studies and News

Case Studies

38’ high-rise shelving solution helps manufacturer store slower-moving parts

Deck Alpine Equipment and Western Pacific Storage Solutions Collaborate on Auto Dealership Project

Back_to_Back Back-to-back Pacific clip-type shelving solves museum’s art storage problem

Dairy Distribution-Center Case Study: Experience – the author of maximized space

driving Eagle and WPSS team-up in the automotive trade

Lowprofile Low-profile shelving yields significant savings

safety New Shelving Safety Features

Oreilly O’ Reilly Auto Parts

storagesol Original shelving solution boosts security and productivity

sstorage Phoenix-based Storage Equipment Systems work with WPSS to enable rapid growth of Southwest Distributor

Two-level RiveTier system helps records storage department achieve cost efficiency

Custom design for NAPA Auto Parts

shimanHow to achieve faster throughput with innovative storage solutions

Platform Case Studies

2a_level How a 2-level RiveTier catwalk and shelving system improves throughput speed for a medical supply manufacturer

Lessons_Learn Lessons learned from Platform (Mezzanine) installations

ingeneous Ingenious platform design cuts costs by more than 50%

Icon_fourlevel Four-level pick-mod

Shelf Master employes WPSS work platforms to maximize limited space

Western Pacific’s work platform supports U.S. military’s unique storage solution designed by McMurray Stern

WPSS platform collaboration with Power Machinery Center takes starring role in maximizing storage for Entertainment Industry distribution center

WPSS and Quality Material Handling optimize existing space for manufacturer